A quiet child who at the age of 11, moved to Australia from India to start a whole new life. New school, new friends and learning to live in a new world was the start of Liz developing a strong sense of self.  As a quiet child, it was hard to fit in, especially having an accent and brown skin in the 1970’s.
Graduating with a Bachelor of Education and teaching. Working in some of the most difficult schools in WA was instrumental in Liz developing her excellent communication skills and how to work with children who were challenged by their circumstances.

Marring in 1996 and starting a family led Liz on another journey into alternative and complementary therapies, as until this time any health concerns meant a trip to the chemist or the Doctor. Struggling with her first child with repeated ear infections lead Liz to search for an alternative to repeated courses of antibiotics.
The birth of her second child saw more changes in Liz’s life, becoming a stay at home Mum of two toddlers and running her husbands business from home, meant isolation and loneliness leading to the start of her experiences with anxiety.  Again, all the medical system had to offer was antidepressants. Liz again to complementary medicine for support and enrolled and completed the first two years of a Naturopathy Degree via part-time studies.

As the children grew and the demands of study and supporting the children’s education lead to working at a Homeopathic Clinic where she spent eight years talking to customers about their health issues and educating and recommending homoeopathy and general common sense advice for managing their issues.  During which time Liz was introduced to Essential Oils and completed her studies and gained a Master Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy with specialisations in Nutrition and Herbal Therapy,  plus courses in Nutrition therapy, Peak Performance coaching and qualifying as a Reiki Master.
Liz’s passion now is still to educate which she hopes to accomplish via her book, workshops and consulting with clients on their health and wellness.