As an Aromatherapist, I create blends and recommend essential oils based on your presenting picture of complaints.  Essential oils are extracted from plants and can have a pharmacological, physiological and psychological impact on the body.

Aromatically, via inhalation and topically through application these complex, volatile compounds travel via our limbic system to affect the nervous system, the respiratory, circulatory and immune systems of the body.  An Aromatouch treatment is a great way to support general health and wellbeing. I have developed my own range of Oil Blends I’ve called the Being ME range. Designed to assist with some of our everyday issues.

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As a Nutrition Therapist, I consult with you about your current diet and the changes which would help to support any current deficiencies in your nutritional health.  Eating foods and staying hydrated is important in maintaining proper physical and mental function.


The word Reiki is a combination of 2 ideas. The first Rei -refers to our spiritual aspect or what some may call our soul. This spiritual part of ourselves is said to possess infinite power.  Ki-refers to something unseen, a vital energy that is within all living things.  To experience a Reiki session is to enter a relaxed state where the busy mind and bodily tension can let go.  The state of relaxation is, in fact, a  – healing state  – like how you feel deeply relaxed after a good sleep.


Sometimes in life, we need to talk an issue out with someone. We are not looking for counselling or psychiatric help.  Our families and friends have their own personal agendas that can skew the advice they give us.  Talking and issue out with someone helps to clarify what we really think about the issue and helps us identify the best course of action we need to take.


My philosophy both personally and as a teacher is that I believe education is the key to everything.

I strive to present workshops and events to support wellness, personal responsibility and empowerment so we can live happy fulfilled lives.

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As an author, I share some of my approaches to life with you, from my experiences and all I’ve learnt, in the hope that you can find your true self again,

We all becoming lost amongst our difficulties in life and our desire to fit in and conform. I hope I can help you on your journey of finding yourself and discovery to become the best you can be.