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In The Peacemaker, we are advised to be confident and accept that we can be self-reliant.  Look within is the message; there we will find the answers and courage we seek. Never dismiss or override the inner voice that sometimes warns or advises us, guiding us to solutions to our immediate dilemmas. In modern parlance, this is called ‘second guessing’.

Gently guiding the reader, Liz defines a path of self-examination and a form of mindfulness that is useful in practical terms for daily life in the first world.

Spiritual ‘muscle’ can be built while life goals can be achieved without trampling on others, therefore retaining self-respect.

Belief in self-worth and developing self-confidence are important themes within the book, and what shines through is that Liz walks her talk each day, living the life she advocates, steadily harvesting the rewards these bring.

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